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Ocean Waltz (extended "Japanese Banana" dance)

by Gabriel Tavares

I can tell by the look on your face / I see the teardrop that rolls down your cheek / Things are not what they once used to be / 3 years have gone by since the last time / it'll probably be 3 more years again / Will you still be my friend the next time that we meet? / Oh my baby / things are not like what they once used to be / Oh my baby / hold me tonight & you won't have to speak / My feelings for you are like soft sleeping babies / sometimes they wake up in the middle of the night / & I come to the side of their beds / tell them you'll be home soon it'll all be alright / sing till they fall back asleep (chorus) / When you looked & I looked in your face / & I wait for the roses to come into your cheek / like they did on the first time you knew / I was looking at you "Japanese Banana" (take a present for a fallen angel) What is this guy has no kind words for his own father? / such a guy cannot deal / even when his own father / has it all wrong / try to say it nicely / try to make yourself a little more of a fool / the greatest / before I am the greatest / fool to become / the greatest / only for you / redeem yourself to Mary Queen of Scots / having long ago forfeit your right to inquire / you threw her away / repel the invaders / with a fury at your own self / that has no end / there is a point in anger / there is no point in hatred / Have you lately heard from Trumansburg? they've never tried a whipping boy of hearsay / I hear tell they found themselves a whipping boy of hearsay / for the first time in their whole whirling around & around / so much hearsay / it's a job aint it? / Who is this guy that has no kind words for his own father? Such a guy cannot deal / Try to say it nicely / I will try / to become / the greatest / till I become the greatest / It's a bitter sweet / more sweet than bitter / so they say / having never become the greatest / you would imagine / trying to make it easier on you / Well I am / the greatest / toot & toss penny cost / your turn to become the greatest / I'm home / How you like it being the greatest? / 'cause you gotta assert / you are / the greatest / Oh I'm fondest of that slap / be careful... / try to say it nicely / you are / the greatest / use a gentle word / you are / the greatest / twist & toss penny cost / my turn to become the greatest / may I have a Japanese banana?
Cover Me 05:01
Yes I Ain't 09:10


released December 2, 2020

All instruments & vocals by Gabriel Tavares.


all rights reserved



Gabriel Tavares Ithaca, New York

Thank you for coming to explore. Here you will find a new Sisu Powder the Moon record with 2 bonus tracks plus a diverse discography ranging from polished studio records like "Cipher" to an intimate Lo-Fi EP called "Sisu for You," a LIVE record made at the historic CBGBs 313 Gallery and a power trio called The THiNS recorded to 16-track analog. Happy Listening and I hope to see you at a show. ... more

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