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by Gabriel Tavares

Moses parted the buildings in your town's main street / police sirens coax and cajole down the rear balcony / mocking the fight / the fight left in me / these sirens mock the fight left in me / eeeeow / dread-lock bus driver slows to a stop in the middle of the street / I get the feeling there's something she recognized / in someone like me / bolster the fight / the fight left in me / dread-lock bus driver / bolster the fight left in me / eeeow / two roads zipper-fly fasten before your eyes into one / womb in the sky wants you to fly high / it'll be a long ride before this cold night is done / arm draped across me / holds me in / protecting my wind / protecting my wind by the bond of father to son / eeeeow
black-eyed Susans / suit you fine / lilis and roses gonna break your mind / sometimes your gone / someone else comes around / you say you like but love is blind / I say my darlin' take your time / meet me for chowder / walk a few steps / friendly affection is what you like best / in a winter scene / everything is what it seems / you say you like but love is blind / I say my darlin' take your time
shine scratch-up windshield in the afternoon light / black-diamond wheel puts a test on the right / is it real? / our love is true but to lose my first and warmest / when I forget / slipping past the florist / could you walk a bit slower? / all your anger's gone / only peace but my heart's weak from the custom of trial / there's haunted folks in the gas-station line / not buying gas late at night / is it real? / I know that girl in possession of your door / she points to the sky / come around here no more / can you not see the sun? / all your anger's gone / only peace but my heart's weak from the custom of trial / in come the trumpets and they're building that ride / on the head of a / ping-pong playing champion team / they're doing it right
my mother gave me a red valentine / I opened to find she loved me very sweetly / my mother gave me a red valentine / I opened to find a secret behind
Loud Rain upon the leaves is music to a bird But we can only hear it from the couch The things that we believe I vouch are weird In dryer times it is the bird itself that’s heard The pretty feathers of the thing Are what endears But it may be the way I have to crouch to see I’ve often searched for what I’ve only heard In dryer times it is the bird itself that sings Like truth admired or undesired or loved Often truth is only whispering or dashed with doubt Loud Rain upon the leaves Is music to a bird & sounds abound & some of them are feared The tintinnabulation of the church The search for God In dryer times I may have heard You sing! You sing! & I have seen God’s silence & looked to hear you speak or touch But what I find in evidence or such Loud Rain upon the leaves Is music to a bird In dryer times it is the bird itself that’s heard.
a rain so soft / fell on the ground / and on a newborn baby head / coo and laugh a brand new language / I loved you under / raindrop rooftops / coo and laugh a brand new language / we have no longer access to / the world we knew before / right now I can barely speak / and I'm shaken to the core / can't catch the words to sooth these things / that writhe and try to leap / into eternity direct / dull and shapeless wail
I have faith / cool and still like the water / from the bottom of a well / I forget / who was stricter / Peter or Paul / but I'm not going to hell / see that fog / outside in the night / you can cut it with a knife / still remember how we cried / when I brought to you the girl / that I meant to make my wife / love to hear that whisper in my ear / make the sound I really want to hear / Wie Liwa sagt / the Kino is dark / du willst zu schnell an dem Bildern zu folgen / as we pass / a ghost in the park / feeding the birds / I got the shirt off your back / when you say / you hate me Portugueses / the doctor he says / I'm gonna go exactly where I belong / there really was no Paul when the man's name was Saul / and a Saul / a Saul he was / love to hear that whisper in my ear / make the sound I really want to hear / it's jouissance / but they call her real vampire of a girlfriend / wo liegt der Hiland / help her to give it back / which Gabe / do you want to be / I don't know what Beloved means / don't do that / your family won't recognize you / the doctor's got black and blue swollen veins / on his face / his breathing is strained / but we can answer the phone with a friendly hello / and say we love to hear that whisper in our ears / make the sound we really want to hear
marzy-red and black gold sails / me under / when she comes / I picked up the leaves / she dropped the book / of lazy / pleasures took / (chorus) / would I walk that way? / to taste rotten or ripe / fruit from the trees soaked in menacing light / it's crazy huh? / (chorus) / these minutes are ours / we've earned the right / going crazy / fighting that fight / hazy gray lazy gray veils / eat the flesh from a stone
I'm scared / I'm a bit scared / Mrs Robinson took me threadbare / I'm scared / I'm a bit scared / Mrs Robinson / what'd ya find there? / she crossed with her dog / she walked into and out of / the still / of every beetle crossing abbey road / nothin' left moved to Brooklyn / nothin' right still writes / and nothin' in-between still sits in with my new project / so nothin's stopping you honey / would you please come here? / I'm most likely sussing out / some irony on TV / but I'm sacred / I'm a bit scared / mystic fog appeared in the dashboard vents / I'm scared / I'm a bit scared / Mrs Robinson / took me threadbare
Sisu for You 02:32
born on the same day / as MLK / you just keep walking / walk with me / to better and better days ahead / you just keep walking / walk with me / Ollie Ollie! / Finn Fogarty Tavares / walk like Farka Toure / walk with me / to better and better days ahead
loon! loon! fly for the moon white downy feathers and white blanket of snow there's so much silence to fill up a room with memory treasures from people I know moth-wing fur filled with dusty thoughts will leave you cookie-eyed if you don't sleep soon in winter time there are certainly no moths they fly where it's bright to powder the moon
Sweet Sweet 02:22
to close to the danger / for our happy home / she drew me is closer / and left us alone / in seconds of shame / on new year's eve night / and our picture frame / flew away to one million miles / and the wind told the snow / now you know / moonlight-sparkled drifted nights / and it's gone / sweet sweet / you see where we broke free / I can at least give you that / sweet sweet / what was meant to be free / you know you can't give it back / sweet sweet / it's not up to me / sweet sweet / you see where we break free
Spontaneous Rune split-second-reflex memory made instinct: I snapped like the crack of a short leather whip in hand and dropped before becoming consciously aware of what it was I held. I remember my grandfather too did this in the pasture one evening when I was a child looking down at the lifeless, broken-necked snake whose body makes a letter shape now on the ground, a spontaneous Finnish rune. I somehow sense its death note spells: ichhhhhh? and tossing the limp corps to Willow Creek, its funeral myth slips too. Do not take pity. No, don't take. It will glide on the current to Cayuga's gentle waves to fly straight like an arrow in the graceful long neck of an old, old Canadian goose.


The refrigerator magnets revolve around various musings on "SISU." Gets one through the day. The Ithaca Times review columnist, Christopher J Harrington, calls "Sisu Powder the Moon" a "quasi-religious folk-nugget." Yet a most recent epiphany while studying the words of Shakespeare with "Amnesiac" on the Somnambulate studio monitors would be this. Two on two is more fair for coed music couples.

This might be a friendly toss to Millennials. They might toss it to an older (younger?) generation. Be sure to include your grandmother in this. And take your best shot at a good catharsis with a comic twist here and there.

The somber first track attempts to dig McCartney fans out of the sky-high religious dystopia of Eleanor Rigby and the record moves quickly along into upbeat shuffles jigs. It's "un-bereave-able" the dances. Enjoy.

Huge thank you to Elizabeth Fogarty and Oliver Fogarty Tavares. Thank you to Richard Hansen for helping with home studio advice and to Plastic Nebraska for loaner recording gear; to Brian Dudla for jumping in on live PTM shows and to AJ Strauss for coaching through early arrangements of song ideas with The THiNS; to Matthew Saccuccimorano for ethical and credible digital tweaks here and there; to Brian Fiorello for hosting the Boogie Shakedown where we worked out our live set; to Lorraine Lintala, Cheryl Tavares-Fahs, John Fahs and John Wright Tavares and fam for support at live shows and inspiration. Good whistling granny! Thank you to Rosa Fox and the Finger Lakes Grassroots Fesitival; to McKenzie Jones at the Ithaca Festival; to Trish Kendall and Mary Lorson and the Cascadilla School. Thanks to Mandy and Diwas Gurung (who plays madal percussion with PTM) and special thanks to Lora Pendleton for seeing this project through with me.


released October 29, 2015

Powder the Moon is a duo founded by Gabriel Tavares and Lora Pendleton. "Sisu" percussion provided by Diwas Gurung, Brian Dudla and Nate Silas Richardson. 13-track original record mixed by Gabriel Tavares and Mastered by Matthew Saccuccimorano. Tracks 14 and 15 (available as digital exclusives) mixed by Gabriel Tavares. Thanks to REP studio and Crow Greenspun for engineering basic tracks on "In Search of the Song of Solomon" and to Nate Silas Richardson for digging them out of the archives and engineering additional tracks. Thanks also to Jonathan Hochberg for engineering three songs on WRFI's LIVE from Studio B. I would also like to gratefully acknowledge The Rungs and Amelia Sauter for early support in our creative process.


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Gabriel Tavares Ithaca, New York

Thank you for coming to explore. Here you will find a new Sisu Powder the Moon record with 2 bonus tracks plus a diverse discography ranging from polished studio records like "Cipher" to an intimate Lo-Fi EP called "Sisu for You," a LIVE record made at the historic CBGBs 313 Gallery and a power trio called The THiNS recorded to 16-track analog. Happy Listening and I hope to see you at a show. ... more

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